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Specialist Floodlighting Installation Contractors


We are leading experts in providing you with a variety of Floodlighting, LED Sports Lighting & any lighting projects you may need, to suit your budget and desires.


We understand that each project has its own challenges, our experienced team is here to take all project needs into consideration.


Prior to Installation we will meet with you and describe the Installation Process, so that you will be aware of time scales and activities.


Who Are We?

Floodlighting Ltd was founded in 1982 by Sid Cowap, a family run business for over 34 years. Plus our takeover in 2016, we have now been running for over 41 years. A market leader in Floodlighting Installations, Servicing & Maintenance, providing you with excellent service that covers all your needs. We have an onsite NICEIC Approved Electrician to offer you further service. The company was taken over and is now headed up by Lee Finnegan, who originally worked for floodlighting Ltd, brings his 28 years of experience in this specialised field.



Our professional engineers have the experience, knowledge & resources to deliver an excellent Service for all your Floodlighting needs. We offer annual Services, which we highly recommend to keep your Floodlighting System in good working order, providing you the best light for play. 



Our LED Floodlights offer unrivalled performance light control & reliability backed by a 5 year warranty by our leading manufacturer.

We work with the world’s most renowned electrical manufacturers to bring you a range of Sports Floodlighting for indoor and outdoor sports projects.


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Extensive Experience

Lee Finnegan brings his 27 years experience in this specialised field.

Honest Pricing

This is a family run business offering honest prices, without compromise.

Market Leading Technology

A market leader in Floodlighting Installations, Servicing & Maintenance.

Large Portfolio

We specialise in Tennis court Lighting, Rugby, MUGA Areas, football pitches & any other sports needs

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